Where next for reform

Many of you across a number of parties, or from none are probably still smarting about the result in the referendum on the Alternative Vote earlier this month. Many of you probably can’t believe some of the things that have been said from people inside the yes campaign about how it was run. If that is the case I was doing my job as Northern Ireland Organiser well, keeping you motivated, getting you to go out there and share the message positively while dealing with the issues that I saw from even before I came on board with the people that could make a change.

But many of you out there believe in electoral reform in many different areas. Here in Northern Ireland we have specific needs and concerns as we have a devloved Assembly that was set up of its time. It should not be an adminstration that is set in stone but one that should evolve over time as the situation here allows it. Just like the Belfast Agreement it is the people who will have to be telling the politicians when it is time to stop posturing and get on with making change and that is where you can come in and be a part of it.

I’m setting up this blog as a talking shop for any of you with ideas on reform to speak them outloud and let others listen. It can be about how things are done at council level, the Assembly or in Westminster or Dublin. It is about how reform can be brought about to help the people of Northern Ireland, the North, the Six Counties call it what you will, but lets not get all het up about what we call things, lets make progress instead on how we do things.

One thing I have learnt in recent months is that an awful lot of people from across the political spectrum have an idea that things need to change. The only way we can do that is talk about it with each other no matter what our political affiliation. If you agree you are welcome here and lets keep on getting reform talked about and taken seriously.


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