On May 5th 2011 43.86% of the voters in Northern Ireland said Yes to a reform in the way that we elect members of Parliament in Westminster. Considering the national result this was the best performance across any of the European Electoral Regions in the UK.

Although the referendum has been lost for now there is still a need for reform to politics even here in Northern Ireland.

Here are some ideas of of the other things that need to be looked at:

  • An elected 2nd Chamber at Westminster
  • Equality in the way that Stormont allocates all its Ministries amongst the parties
  • Votes at 16 when many young people are paying tax, working and taking part elsewhere in society and when decisions affecting them are made by their politicians
  • Do we need an opposition at Stormont rather than an all in it together?
  • A fair way to elect our Mayors and Deputy Mayors across the councils so that sectarian stich ups can be avoided
  • In the same vein a look at the election of Aldermen, and do we need them at all?

These are just some preliminary views but I’m sure that many of you will have others. This is a place to talk, so if you have an idea for a post about an area of reform please drop me a line and we’ll put it out there. Any ideas excepted let’s have some blue sky thinking.

We will accept any articles on the subject of Reform of any type in Northern Ireland. email us at ni4reform <at> yesni <dot> info
(replace as relvant)


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